Thrilling Driving Experiences at Bushy Park Barbados

Enjoy driving a Suzuki Swift or a Radical SR3 at the Caribbean’s premier motor sport facility

Kidz Karting

Regular Package for US$25

Kidz Karting for all the mini speed junkies. Kids from as little as 5 years old can get in their own kart and whiz around the track like the pros!

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Suzuki Advanced Drive

Book for US$360

Are you looking forward to making your first steps towards a racing career? This is your chance...

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Karting Experience

Book Regular Package for US$35

Book Grand Prix Package for US$70

Want to have some fun and race your friends in our karts at Bushy Park? Get ready to start your engines...

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Radical Ride

Book the SR3 Ride Package

Book for US$120

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a passenger in a real racing car? This is your chance...

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Suzuki Drive

Book for US$180

Are you interested in making your first steps into racing at Bushy Park Barbados? This is your chance...

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Radical Drive

Book the SR3 Drive Package

Book for US$360

Have you ever dreamt about learning the countless tricks of the circuit racing trade? This is your chance...

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Radical Advanced Drive

Book the Radical Advanced Drive

Book for US$720

Have you ever wanted to prove that you could ‘fly solo’ around a world-class circuit? This is your chance...

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