Radical SR3 - The Car

Radical SR3 RS - Introduction of the BPCi Spec

The Radical SR3 RS is an open-topped two-seater sports racer, powered by a development of Suzuki’s GSX-R motorcycle engine. With 220 horsepower, the 1340cc four-cylinder engine revs to a blistering 10,500rpm and drives through a six-speed sequential paddle-shift gearbox, delivering seamless power to the track through specially-designed slick Dunlop tyres. With stats like 0-100kph (0-62mph) in three seconds and 2.5G through corners and under braking, it’s faster than a Porsche GT3 around Bushy Park Barbados.

The standard Radical SR3 RS features FIA crash structure, 54-litre fuel tank, adjustable pedal box, single adjustable dampers, 4-pot calipers, centre-lock wheels, side skirts, driver & passenger seat, quick release steering wheel and dash-mounted brake bias. In addition, the Bushy Park spec includes the following additions/upgrades:

  • Right hand drive
  • Paddle-shift with auto-blipper
  • Carbon high-downforce bi-plane rear wing
  • Carbon front dive planes
  • High-downforce rear diffuser
  • Le Mans-style carbon mirrors
  • Race lighting set with clear rear lights
  • Front & rear floating brake discs
  • Triple adjustable shock absorbers
  • Air jack system
  • Race logger / dash – liquid crystal display
  • SmartyCam video camera system
  • Forward facing stay head protectors
  • Manually-activated Zero 360 fire extinguisher
  • Passenger seat belts
  • Carbon composite head restraint
  • Vinyl driver & passenger padded seat inserts
  • Bushy park gear ratios
  • Hot climate radiator fans (Free Upgrade)
  • Heavy duty drive shafts (Free Upgrade)

Our Radicals are fitted with the latest helmet-to-helmet communications, so you are in constant contact with your instructor, as well as having two sets of pedals so the instructor can step in if necessary – we cater for everyone from complete novices to seasoned racers.

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