About Race Of Champions

The Race Of Champions (ROC) is the world renowned knockout motor sport event featuring some of the world’s greatest drivers battling for the titles of ‘World’s Fastest Nation’ and ‘Champion of Champions’.

Motor sport legends

Some of the world's best drivers from the major motor sport series – including Formula 1, World Rally, Nascar, IndyCar, Le Mans, Touring Cars and X-Games – come together for a unique chance to compete head-to-head in identical cars to decide who really is the fastest of them all.

Identical racing cars

Each race is an exciting Head-to-Head duel between two drivers in identical competition cars from the world’s finest manufacturers: it is solely up to the driver’s skill to make the difference!

Unique parallel track

The ROC track is unique: a specially constructed asphalt circuit with two parallel tracks and a crossover bridge. That means two drivers can start side-by-side, race around the lap and by the time they’ve both crossed the line twice they’ve driven exactly the same piece of tarmac – at speeds of up to 140km/h.

The world’s most prestigious venues

For over 25 years ROC has successfully been organised in some of the world’s most prestigious venues including Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium, Stade de France in Paris, Bangkok’s Rajamangala Stadium and London’s Wembley Stadium.

ROC offers top-level car racing with unmatched excitement: a crowd of tens of thousands can see the complete race from start to finish. Spectators also enjoy a packed programme of entertainment between the races including stunt shows, DJs, cheerleaders and more. It all combines to make this event a special occasion – not just for race fans but for anyone who enjoys a night of non-stop action.

Two events:


Race Of Champions

The Race Of Champions is a knockout tournament where the world’s greatest drivers battle to prove they’re the fastest on Earth. Through a series of head-to-head races in identical cars on a parallel track, the stars fight it out to prove they have what it takes to be crowned ‘Champion of Champions’.

The event starts with a group stage to ensure fans get to see plenty of action from every driver. The racers face up to each of the other drivers in their group, with cars swapped round between heats so they all have to prove themselves in a variety of machinery. The most successful drivers move on to the quarter-finals.

From there it’s back to a head-to-head, no second chances, knockout competition to get to the semi-finals and then the Grand Final. Just as with all the world’s great cup competitions, the tension builds all the way through to this best-of-three shootout where there can be only one ‘Champion of Champions’.

ROC Nations Cup

The ROC Nations Cup aims to decide the fastest country on Earth. Featured at the Race Of Champions since 1999, it was the first motor sport event for teams based on nationality.

Drivers team up with their fellow countrymen in pairs. Each driver initially has one race against a driver from the opposing team, competing head-to-head on the parallel track as in the individual Race Of Champions. If the score is tied at 1-1, the two winning drivers battle it out in a play-off to see which team emerges victorious.

The ROC Nations Cup now features a group stage in which nations race against every other nation in their group, with the four most successful teams progressing to the knockout semi-finals.

For more information, please visit www.raceofchampions.com

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