Bushy Park Driver Highlights

Jack Manchester

Jack Manchester graced the Bushy Park track last month to take part in this year’s Radical International. At just 17 years old Jack stands at an incredible 6’ 7” and while he is too tall for karting, his need for speed has found him well suited for the Suzuki Challenge Series Radical SR3 Cup.

Jack was the least experienced of the lot, but this did not faze coach Kieren Clark, ex-Formula Renault Champion, who has high hopes for Jack. “Considering he has such limited experience, his ability to adapt and learn is incredible”, the coach beamed. Clark went on to praise the Bushy Park track as being a productive environment for Jack to develop quickly.

Jack has been a trainee and testing at Bushy Park with UK driving school, Mark Blundell Partners, since last August; but last month’s event was his true debut into racing. The talented teen got to kick off his racing career in a Radical SR3 specially built for ROC 2015 – we can’t think of a better start!

 Barbados is second home to the British born, who has been travelling here since he was a little boy. “Jack has played lots of cricket on the island with his school and proudly took part in the Barbados Football Cup at the National Stadium” His father, Glen Manchester revealed. In addition, the thrill of speed has been on his mind since he was little, and by the age of 16 he had flown solo in both a helicopter and plane - It’s no wonder he jumped at the chance to race!

We look forward to Jack joining us again this month for the next round of the Radical SR3 Cup on 27th February!

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